Milling and Drilling

Window Machinery

Milling And Drilling

Water Slot Milling MachineWFS


  • milling the water and air slots in PVC window profiles
  • 3 powerful, high-speed electric motors
  • quick positioning using sliding and turret stops
  • double horizontal pneumatic clamps
  • motor activation selectable

Reinforcement ScrewdriverVS


  • screwing the reinforcement profiles to the PVC profiles
  • table unit with pneumatic feed
  • including pneumatic screw level monitoring

In-Line Screwing Unit/ Screwing and Drilling CombinationsSBK


  •  different space-saving possibilities combining VSM/DBM/GOS to machine profiles on the individual rod

Lock Case Milling and Handle Drilling MachineGOS


  • for milling the lock case in the PVC
  • profile rod and drilling the handle in the steel reinforcement
  • automatic workflow with pneumatic part clamping
  • drill unit with 3-position drill head
  • central and fixed handle position

Dowel Pin Drilling UnitDBM


  • table top unit drilling the dowel pin holes to the single bar
  • drilling motor with pneumatic feed and hydraulic brake



Automatic screwing and drilling of reinforcing steelSBK-AV


  • for screwing and drilling reinforcement in PVC bars
  • automatic profile feed
  • Profile bar is offloaded and returned automatically.
  • Screwing distance may be defined.
  • PC with user-friendly menu
  • drilling positions adopted from batch set
  • bar codes or QR codes may be scanned

Station for the automatic placing and screwing of locking partsSTS-PBZ




  • for the automatic placing and screwing of stored locking parts succeeding profile machining centres
  • profile clamping unit used to withdraw elements from the preceding profile machining centre
  • 3 locking part positioning stations with bar feeder to be filled manually
  • one screwing unit for PVC screws and one screwing unit for reinforcement screws
  •   transport via belt conveyor
  • Options: screw level adjustment, may be used as an individual unit (data set required)







Machining centre for pergola profilesBAZ-Pergola


For cutting of profiles for pergola roofings

  • inserting the gasket
  • placing the end cap
  • screwing of the end cap on both ends of the profiles is monitored

The machining centre consists of :

  • profile infeed magazine
  • profile pusher
  • sawing centre with controlled infeed
  • offload of the cut profiles
  • label printer
  • oddment parts offload
  • automatic element transport to the individual work stations
  • gasket insertion station
  • cover cap assembly and screwing station on both ends with automatic profile length adjustment
  • offload for finished parts