Glass handling robots

Window Machinery

Glass handlingGLH


  • de-stacks and distributes glass panels automatically, incl. electric control
  • handling glass using robotics • automatic placing of the panes in the element
  • detection and measuring of the panes on the glass rack
  • can be combined with any glass magazine
  • heavy panes are handled by the robot
  • magazine loaded by the robot

NEW!!! Glass handling insulated glassGLH-ISO


  • Robot-based removal of insulated glass panes from glueing systems and de-stacking the panes to an A-frame rack
  • glass pane intake via handling device with two servo axes
  • suitable for the use of thermoplastic spacers (TPS)
  • automatic loading and unloading via roller conveyors with frequency-controlled drive
  • rotary table allows for the A-frame rack to be loaded from two sides
  • max. glass pane weight: 150 kg